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Musicians for birthday in Kiev

Now it is difficult to imagine any celebration without music. Banquet, birthday party, anniversary – all these festive events supplemented with the help of high-quality music. If you need musicians for a birthday, banquet or other event – the Kiev cover band STAR BAND is ready to create an unforgettable festive atmosphere all over the world

Live music at event and holiday: the advantages of STAR BAND

Professional musicians at the event will create a bright show, evoking positive emotions.

1. Everyone will dance! We have a great stage experience, and we are able to find an approach to any audience, taking into account the tastes of each category.

2. Actual repertoire. The main hits of several generations, dance, lyrical, instrumental music.

3. Modern arrangements. Live music on the anniversary in Ukraine is the favorite songs in the author’s treatment, which adds to the hits of dynamism and more modern sound.

4. Female and male vocals. This greatly expands the repertoire possibilities. Anniversary musicians will reproduce compositions of any style.

5. Execution of songs, taking into account the dynamics of the event. Musicians for a celebration in Kiev play, being guided by the plan or the scenario of a holiday, skillfully alternating restrained and neutral numbers with active dance hits.

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Our costumes

We pay great attention to our look. The group’s wardrobe contains over 20 costumes for a different variety of formats for your event.

6. An experienced manager. Order musicians can communicate directly with the team leader. It will help to solve all organizational issues: from the repertoire to the technical support of the performance.

7. Responsible cooperation. STAR BAND are experienced musicians at events, a responsible commitment to the obligations, flexible terms of cooperation. We work with organizers of holidays and direct customers.

8. Technical rider. We cooperate with a company that provides rental of professional stage equipment. If a group is ordered for holiday in Ukraine, the “sound” and “light” will be delivered, installed and set up quickly and with a substantial discount.

9. Cash and cashless payments

Looking for musicians for an event in Kiev and the region, other cities of Ukraine or outside the country? Call or write the concert organizer of the group +38098-23-79-534 (viber, telegram, whatsapp), +38099-30-55-498 and you will receive answers to all your questions.

Musicians at events: how to create a real holiday?

Why do we need musicians for a celebration? Of course for a unique festive atmosphere, creating a mood among the guests, cheerful and active dances, filling pauses between performances and performances.

Professional birthday musicians will take care of all the tasks of musical accompaniment of the celebration. Do you want a real show, driving concert atmosphere? To the dance floor came out most of the guests of the holiday? Would you like guests to dance and sing with all the heart? Do you dream that those who are present at the holiday share positive emotions for a long time? This is easy to achieve if you order musicians for a birthday or other event. “Live music” significantly increases the status of the event.

Flexible terms for ordering musicians for birthday

Anniversary musicians in Ukraine can already be said for granted, as the times of a typical performer with a laptop pass. The anniversary is an important life milestone, which allows to sum up certain results and demonstrate achievements. Atmosphere of the event should be appropriate. The choice of most customers is exclusively live music for a birthday. Cover band STAR BAND can take on the organization of the show, fully satisfying the musical tastes of guests of all age groups.

The repertoire presents compositions of all popular styles, covering a large time period: from your favorite rock classics to modern dance pop music. STAR BAND is a group for a banquet, capable of reproducing hits in Russian, Ukrainian, English and other languages. You can agree on a list of songs that will sound on the holiday.

Professional musicians at holidays: how to book a band?

If you need music for your birthday, the STAR BAND is ready to create a show and decorate the event with a professional performance of your favorite hits. We are open for cooperation: you can order musicians in Kiev, in other cities of Ukraine and another countries. We have a successful experience of working outside Ukraine.

Want to make sure our professionalism? The site has video materials: professional and live shooting from our performances, conveying the atmosphere of the concerts of the group. STAR BAND is a band for a birthday or anniversary, therefore, to book our performance, we recommend contacting us in advance.

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On the organization of the speech, please call or send a request through the feedback form
+38098-23-79-534 (viber, telegram, whatsapp)