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Musicians for a corporate event in Kiev, Ukraine - STAR-BAND

Event band STAR-BAND is ready to work on any corporate and privat parties. If you need experienced, responsible, professional musicians for corporate, able to create a real musical celebration – you have found them. We guarantee a great mood to you and guests of the evening! STAR-BAND work all over the world!

Musicians for event in Ukraine and other countries

Live music performance for corporate party. Inviting the professional musicians in Kiev Ukraine for a privant party, wedding or presentation you will hear the beloved hits chosen specially for your event. With live music, guests relax well and create a festive mood. Star-Band is ready to create a holiday, emphasize the importance and status of a corporate event, give guests the opportunity to relax in an informal setting.

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STAR-BAND musicians for a gigs:

If you need music artists for a holiday who will create a wonderful show – feel free to entrust this task to us. Work on a different parties is a crucial task, because you need to create a mood, satisfy the musical preferences of all the guests, play so that people want to relax and dance. The order of musicians from our group is:

  • live music in great quality sound;
  • selection of a music program according to your requirements and preferences;
  • different composition of the group: duo, trio, solo, full line-up of 5 or 6 pc band;
  • famous world hits in the original or the author’s arrangement;
  • experienced artists at the corporate will make everyone dance, regardless of age and temperament.
  • Cash and cashless payments
  • Our function band work in Kiev, Ukraine and in any countries of Europe and around the world

Our costumes

We pay great attention to our look. The group’s wardrobe contains over 20 costumes for a different variety of formats for your event

The best musicians of Kiev in your brunch, wellcome and evening party

Function band STAR-BAND from Ukraine  – these are five musicians with specialized music education and extensive concert experience. The composition of the instruments makes it possible to recreate any sound. For various music formats, our group performs in a variety of compositions, attracting additional musicians, for example: a saxophonist, keyboard player, violinist. Therefore, instead of the annoying vocalists with a laptop, order a real “live music” for the corporate. Artists on holiday in Ukraine will play well-known compositions with a unique author’s cover arrangement.

BTW. The Beatles in their time were also a cover band. Their cover versions survived original compositions and sound much more interesting.

Artists on a event party

On the one hand, the order of a famous artist is a great honor for the company, which enhances its status. On the other hand, the repertoire of the “star” is quite limited (for example, the popular pop singer will not sing Deep Purple hits that the commercial director likes so much). Consequently, a certain part of the guests will not be satisfied.

But the musicians at the corporate party from the misician group STAR-BAND are artists for a holiday of the widest profile. Making a repertoire of different hits of all possible popular directions, we will make a show for everyone without exception. Do you need dance music for party? Let’s play explosive hits. Interested in a quiet lounge, which will sound the background at the event? Let’s play light modern music, jazz and soul, choosing famous compositions.

Artists on a privat parties: a concert program according to your preferences

STAR-BAND are professional artists at corporate in Europe, in the repertoire of which there are several hundred songs in different languages. This allows you to prepare a concert program that is fully consistent with the wishes of the guests. The main musical direction is modern foreign and Ukrainian dance music. Favorite hits and the newest songs, female and male vocals, drive and relaxation – everything is possible if you order our cover band for the holiday. We will coordinate the entire repertoire in advance, satisfying the tastes of guests of all age categories. Great experience allows us to guarantee a memorable and vivid dance show.

How to order a dance pop band?

STAR-BAND is one of the most popular bands in Kiev Ukraine, Europe, known outside the capital. Among our customers are large companies and representative offices of famous world brands. Anyone who is interested in ordering musicians in Ukraine by a certain date is recommended to book a performance in advance. Contact a representative of the group and you will receive quality advice on all issues.

How much is the order of musicians for a  event ? The cost depends on the date, place of celebration, the required number of hours of musicians. Сontact the manager by phone or messengers.

We are experienced artists for the holiday, so we have the whole set of necessary equipment for a professional show. So you don’t have to independently search for an intermediary for renting “light” and “sound”. The group has different versions of stage costumes for the implementation of any images, depending on the subject of the holiday. We will quickly reach agreement on all points, and begin to prepare speeches at your party.

We work in Ukrraine and other countries

Contact us

On the organization of the speech, please call or send a request through the feedback form
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