Artists for the holiday. STAR-BAND is the most popular cover band in Ukraine

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Dear friends, we present to you the famous musical group of Kiev for event events – STAR-BAND. Several hundred concerts a year at various concert venues in Ukraine.

Why is STAR-BAND chosen more often than other artists for a holiday?

1. Star-band is a cover project, the members of which are professional musicians and vocalists with extensive experience in performing in Ukraine and abroad.

2. The group’s musical repertoire includes top foreign and Ukrainian hits in a modern arrangement. A bright dance mix that will not leave anyone indifferent. The guests of the evening will light up with us from the first song!

3. A large wardrobe of colorful costumes for any party or themed concert.

4. Organization of performance. 20% discount on ordering a technical rider when ordering artists for a events.

5. Professional management. If desired, the conclusion of a contract for the provision of musical services. Cash and non-cash payments

6. We work throughout Ukraine and abroad.

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Artists for the holiday Kiev

There are several important factors to consider when ordering artists for an event. The script for your holiday. Which artists would be ideal for your evening? The Star-band is a universal collective. Thanks to this, our band is often invited to events of various formats – corporate parties, teambuildings, private parties, presentations, city days, New Year and crihtsmas holidays. After all, almost no evening is complete without a quality musical program. The repertoire of our group includes both calm lounge music and the most famous dance music for a holiday. We carefully select hits for our playlist and make high-quality modern treatments.

Our costumes​

We pay great attention to our look. The group’s wardrobe contains over 20 costumes for a different variety of formats for your event


Artists of Ukraine and STAR-BAND

Star-band often perform on the same stage with the top artists of Ukraine – Neangely, Olya Polyakova, Jamala, Olga Tsibulskaya, Maroov and many others.

Performances at city mass celebrations. Ordering artists prices Ukraine

The cost of the performance of the artists of the STAR-BAND at concerts and public events is 1000 $ -2000 $ and depends on several factors.

– the duration of the concert. A standard performance is three sets of 30 minutes or two sets of 45 minutes. But depending on the format of the event, the duration may be shorter or longer.

– city. The cost of the performance of artists for a holiday in the regions slightly increases, since this factor is influenced by the time spent on the way.

repertoire. The group works according to its own repertoire. But, if the task is to perform some songs that are not on our list, we will be happy to prepare them for you!

Call or write to the messengers +380982379534 (viber, telegram, whatsapp), and you will receive advice on all issues related to the performance of the STAR-BAND group

Clubs and restaurants

STAR-BAND constantly performs in the best institutions of the capital: the entertainment complex QUEEN, PM HALL, ALYASKA, VERANDA ON THE DNEPR and many others. We are always glad to see you at our concerts. Follow the upcoming STAR-BAND performances on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages

Contact us

On the organization of the speech, please call or send a request through the feedback form
+38098-23-79-534 (viber, telegram, whatsapp)